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Raising Community Awareness

Groundwater is important to all of us. It's the water we drink, it grows the food on our table, and it nourishes our communities. Because we all benefit from groundwater, let’s keep it clean and raise awareness in our communities about this vital resource.

How YOU Can Raise Awareness

  • Post information on your Facebook page.

    You can start the conversation by liking The Groundwater Foundation on Facebook.

  • Tweet about it.

    Use your 140 characters to share information about groundwater. Get ideas by following us on Twitter.

  • Include information in newsletters.

    Share the groundwater message in your company, school, organization or other newsletters. Check out The Aquifer for topic ideas.

  • Share at a meeting.

    Make groundwater a topic of discussion at your next civic organization, book club, travel club, parent group, or other meeting.

Use the Media

Work with local media outlets to share the groundwater message as PSAs.
Special thanks to KOLN/KGIN, Nebraska Educational Television, Geoffrey Hartig, and Bailey Lauerman for their assistance in the production of these messages.

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