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Learn how to use the Groundwater Foundation's featured groundwater education tools, including the Awesome Aquifer Kit and Hydrogeology Challenge, in the classroom. These videos walk educators through their classroom application and alignment to Next Generation Science Standards.

Toolkit Overview

This video introduces the tools in the educator toolkits for elementary, middle school, and high school level educators.

Hydrogeology Challenge Walkthrough

This video explains the basics of running the Hydrogeology Challenge. The Hydrogeology Challenge is available for free online.

Hydrogeology Challenge Classroom Application

This video demonstrates the differences between the public version and the testing version of the Hydrogeology Challenge, how you can create an answer key, and how you can request a Challenge for your classes.

Hydrogeology Challenge Applied Knowledge Scenario and Next Generation Science Standards

This video demonstrates the Applied Knowledge Scenario, an extension activity for the Hydrogeology Challenge.

Awesome Aquifers

This video will walk you through the basics of using the Awesome Aquifer Kit. (UPDATED VIDEO COMING SOON)

Awesome Aquifer Kit Next Generation Science Standards

This video demonstrates the versatility of the Awesome Aquifer Kit and shows its alignment to NGSS.

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