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Learn About Groundwater At Home!

LESSON 3: Aquifer

WATCH: Intro video (external link)

READ: All about an aquifer


Wet Word Search

Aquifer coloring sheet

Groundwater coloring sheet


BUILD: An Aquifer Model with the Awesome Aquifer Kit

WATCH: Aquifer in a Cup demonstration

BUILD: Aquifer in a Cup

ENJOY: Edible Aquifer


WATCH: What is an Aquifer video for middle/high school (external link)

READ: More About Aquifers (for grades 5-8; external link)

READ: Even More About Aquifers (external link)

DIG DEEPER: The Water Table and Aquifers (external link)

DISCOVER: Frannie the Fish did a deep-dive into learning about groundwater with the Awesome Aquifer Kit.

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