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Who We Are

Our Mission

We connect people, businesses, and communities through local groundwater education and action, making us all part of the solution for clean, sustainable, groundwater.

Our Vision

A network of people, businesses and communities proactively protecting groundwater for sustainable use today and tomorrow.

Mission Fulfillment

Everyone benefits from a sustainable supply of clean groundwater. Whether it is the source of your drinking water or the water used to grow the food on your table, groundwater is vital to life. As such, every person plays a role in protecting and conserving groundwater. The Groundwater Foundation provides motivational and inspirational education and community-based action programs that creatively involve individuals, communities, public and private entities in groundwater conservation and protection.

  • Education

    We believe that education is a powerful motivator for change and that factually informed people who understand the value and vulnerability of groundwater will act responsibly on its behalf.

  • Action

    We implement programs to engage interest in, and inspire action on behalf of, groundwater protection and conservation initiatives, both locally and globally.

  • Innovation

    We strive for innovation and growth when promoting groundwater as the "Environmental Bottom Line."

The Groundwater Foundation merged with the National Ground Water Association's Foundation for Groundwater in May 2018.

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