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Programs and Projects

Since its inception in 1985, The Groundwater Foundation has offered a variety of programs and projects for youth, individuals, and communities to learn more about groundwater and how they can help protect it.

Youth Programs and Projects

  • Help groundwater come alive for students in your classroom! The Groundwater Foundation's tools, activity ideas, and other resources will help you integrate groundwater into your curriculum in fun hands-on, brains-on ways.

  • A series of patches for all levels of Girls Scouts are available to help girls understand groundwater and how they can take action to protect it.

  • Search our online resource library of nearly 70 fun, hands-on educational activities, including activity guides, curriculum, how-to videos, and more. Search by age, duration, key topic, and category.

Community Program

  • The Groundwater Guardian program recognizes communities of all types for local groundwater education and protection activities, and provides tools, resources, and motivation. It also includes the former “Groundwater Guardian Green Sites.”

General Program

  • The Groundwater Catalog offers a variety of fun products and guides to help educators and communities educate others about groundwater.


  • Weekly groundwater-related content from Groundwater Foundation staff, board members, partners, and others. Find action ideas, current event discussion, and more.

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